Tigers and paintings

Running with the tigers

I love tigers. I think they are the most beautiful animals on earth. Strong, graceful and dangerous, they are like spirits of the jungle that mesmerize you with their wild gaze and fluent moves. When I was a kid, I wanted a baby tiger 🙂 And I even had a chance to pet one at the zoo! That little ball of fur has since grown into a huge male named Gerard that swallows about 10 kg of meat every single day. I figure he wouldn’t like petting and baby talking as much now 🙂  But I still come for a visit once in a while, even though he clearly doesn’t remember me. Perhaps, I’ll have more luck with his little ones when they finally arrive 🙂

The jungle room

My tigermania becomes obvious once you step into my room. Toys, souvenirs, pictures on the walls… It’s all about tigers.  There are plenty of different photos and prints showing tigers in various environments. One of them even commemorates me and little Gerard 🙂 But the most conspicuous part of my décor is a painting you can see here. It’s the only tiger painting in my collection. I mean, the one that was actually created by a person rather than came from a printer. The canvas is called ‘Bengal Tiger’ and the artist’s name is Leonid Afremov. Frankly, I’m not really thrilled about visual arts. I’ve never been to a gallery or museum and I haven’t even seen some of the paintings everyone else would probably recognize. But I was totally fascinated by this one! I’ll try to explain why:

  • It shows a realistic tiger – big, beautiful and wild – but it doesn’t look like a photo. There is a touch of artistry and creativity in the way he is depicted.
  • I particularly like the colorful background. It’s so vivid! It doesn’t give you any clues about the settings except those you can think of yourself.
  • You can’t really see it on the photo, but this painting has texture! Some layers of paint are more visible than the other, and that gives you an impression of looking at a real tiger!

‘Bengal Tiger’ by Leonid Afremov hangs over my computer desk and I have it before my eyes all the time. It’s so cool there are still people who paint simple and amazing pictures like this! So if you need a tiger painting on canvas – or any other painting for that matter – I suggest you stop by his website and take a look!



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